B.D.M.International had received Awards From The Telegraph School Awards on 18th August, 2018
1. The IIHM Award for Excellence In Academics (C.B.S.E)
2. The Williamson Magor Education Trust Award for Excellence In Extra-Curricular Activities
3. The Surrendra Paul Memorial Award for Courage – Sudipto Dey

On Saturday, June 7th ‘Prabhat Khabar’ organized Pratibha Samman 2018 to felicitate all the Hindi Board toppers of class X and XII from their respective school to encourage their achievement and to highlight the importance ofHindi as a language in our country. This event was held in Bhasa Bhavan, national library. B. D. M. International became a part of this wonderful celebration.

From class X, 99 is the highest score in Hindi. Debasmita Biswas got 99 in Hindi. The following students who got above 95% are Ritodeep Das, Neha Acharya, Anuska Chowdhury and Kashvika Khodiyar. They were felicitated with certificated and medals.

From class XII 96 is the highest score, Simanta Bhansali and Pratik Gupta got 96 in Hindi. The highest scorers above 90% are Khusbu Jena, Amlan Banerjee, Sushmita Pandey, Raina Ghosh, Soham Sanyal, Sonali Jaiswal and Arpit Chowdhury received felicitation for their outstanding performance in A.I.S.S.C.E 2018.

The school congratulates all the achievers and will look forward to such result in the years to come


BDM International congratulate Srijita Biswas for securing 1st Psition in (45-55kg Junior) and Adrija Biswas for securing 3rd position in (50-60 Kg Senior) for their extra ordinary performance in International (Euro-Asia) Karate Championship 2018 held in Nepal.

BDM International is proud of one of its student Sabyasachi Laskar of Class IV for his extra ordinary achievement in National Olympiad. He has secured International Rank – 1 in National Science Olympiad (NSO), zonal rank 2 in National Cyber Olympiad (NCO) and Academic Excellence Scholarship (AES).