An event on Lunar Eclipse


As the clock struck 5:20p.m., 40 anxious faces gazed intently at the skyline looking for the moon. They were also seen discussing about the rare phenomenon which would be seen around 6:21 p.m. The students were taken to the terrace of the school building to witness the Super Blue Blood Moon which was occurring after 150 years. The optimistic students kept their eyes fixed on the beautiful sky to get a view of the moon. The gathering was not for a serious, dreary set of classes but for experiencing something really extravagant. Meanwhile the science teacher took the initiative of informing the students about the phenomenon. A total lunar eclipse was coinciding with a ‘blue moon’ and a ‘super moon’ in which the experts on astrophysics around the world were calling ‘super blue red moon’. Since the moon had occurred at the perigee position, the distance from the moon to the Earth was 354,000km and thus it would appear 14% larger and 30% brighter than the average moon. This was followed by a question answer session where the students actively took part. There were brilliant questions which were answered even more brilliantly. The students were also informed about the differences between the blue, blood and super moon which made the session quite interactive as well as informative. Super moon is the phenomenon whereby the moon appears particularly large in the sky whereas blood moon occurs when the moon in total eclipse appears reddish in colour as it is illuminated by sunlight filtered and refracted by the Earth’s atmosphere. Finally at around 5:53p.m., the moon appeared which left the students amazed. Meanwhile the students witnessed this rare phenomenon on a giant screen which was telecasting a live streaming of the event from NASA. The different phases of the moon were shown from Neil Armstrong View, Flight Research Centre, Mt. Lemmon Observatory and Griffith View. The Super moon lasted for around 1hr 41minutes. It was a fulfilling and lifetime experience. The children went back after a successful viewing of the fantastic celestial experience. The session uncovered many aspirations, expectations and anticipations of those gathered. The day is really worth remembering.


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) : B.D.M. INTERNATIONAL Announcement

As per the Circular dated 14/03/2020 from the desk of the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal, as a matter of abundant precaution and to keep a check on the spread of Corona Virus (COVID -19), the New session of classes - X and XII will not begin from 18/03/2020. The revised date will be notified soon.