Anti Drug Day Programme At BDM International 26 Jun, 2014

Project Details


On 26th June 2014, when the world celebrated Anti-Drug Day to spread awareness among the young and old about the dreadful effects of drugs, BDM International also involved themselves in the celebration. It was because of the thoughtful gesture of Usha Mehta, the director and administrator of the school that such an awareness programme “Social costs of drug abuse” was held. The event was conducted by an organisation called WEBFUNA (WB Federal of UN Associations). The programme helped the teenagers stay aware of the fatal consequences of consuming drugs. The students participated in the awareness programme and showcased their creative skills by displaying posters and placards highlighting the hazards of drugs. “Say no to Drugs, Yes to Life”, “Avoid drugs choose life”, “Drug kills” were the captions for the day. A workshop was also conducted by the delegates and the dignitaries of WEBFUNA. The programme helped both the young and old to become aware of the detrimental effects of drugs and the session was thoroughly appreciated Usha Mehta, the director and administrator of the school.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) : B.D.M. INTERNATIONAL Announcement

As per the Circular dated 14/03/2020 from the desk of the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal, as a matter of abundant precaution and to keep a check on the spread of Corona Virus (COVID -19), the New session of classes - X and XII will not begin from 18/03/2020. The revised date will be notified soon.