B.D.M.I. celebrates Paryatan Parv


B.D.M.I. celebrates Paryatan Parv

This year, B.D.M.International celebrated ‘Paryatan Parv’ whose mantra was “Dekho Apna Desh”. In maintaining this motto, B.D.M.I. has carried out and accomplished fun and interactive activities. A special assembly was presented about visiting various states in India. It successfully captured everyone’s attention and was blissfully engaging. The school also conducted seminar on Indian Tourism, promoting and spreading the wonders of India.

School trips cannot go amiss in this campaign. So, the school decided to take the students out on a Heritage Tour. The select choices included stops at B.I.T.M, A classic – Jorasanko Thankurbari, and a visit to Pareshnath Jain Temple.

B.D.M.I. looks forward to yet another year of enhancing the spirit of tourism.

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