To spread awareness of the menace named “Dengue” and to promote a safer and healthier environment, B. D. M. International in collaboration with the local municipality took an initiative on 5th September, 2019 to make the society a better place to live in. On the onset of the day, the students put up a street play called: “Minarpur Mein Dengue” highlighting the causes of dengue, the various ways of preventing the same and how small changes can make big differences. They walked in and around the neighbourhood with various placards designed to spread the awareness. The placards had various catchy slogans like: “When the Repellent is Away the Mosquitoes come out to Play”, “No Water Accumulation Near You”, “Beware of Mosquito Bites” etc. This opportunity was undertaken to dust around bleaching powder in the nook and corner of the locality. The programme came to a close with the distribution of leaflets in the local community which showcased various ways to prevent dengue.

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