Say No To Drugs, And Yes To Life

Say No To Drugs, And Yes To Life
29th June, 2020

On 26th of June, the day observed as the International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking by the United Nations’ (UN), B.D.M. International organised an online panel discussion on the topic ‘ Say No To Drugs, and Yes To Life ‘ . Eminent personalities like film director, Mr. Debapratim Dasgupta, founder of The Genesis Foundation, Mr.Tanmoy Bose and Dr. Prashanta Kumar Roy, Head of the Department, Institute of Psychiatry, SSKM Hospital, Kolkata – were the guest speakers and they reiterated the need not only to stay away from drugs but also to help others who are addicted to it. Mr. Tanmoy Bose, the founder of Genesis foundation suggested that things to be done in life should be decided by the person himself and so as a result, we need to take the things we want and ignore or refuse the things we don’t.
Mr. Debapratim Dasgupta, an eminent personality and a distinguished film director shared some of his instances of life where he was a drug addict and now when he has changed and understands the value of life. He is transformed from a drug addict to a healthy human being. During the discussion he also shared the crisis in life he faced and how he overcame it. Mr. Tanmoy Bose, the founder of Genesis Foundation very well explained the reasons for intake of drugs by adolescents especially in the age group of 13-18 years. He made it very clear that Fear is the main reason for degrading the physical as well as mental health. He suggested many ways to overcome these such as by following our passion such as reading books, dancing, singing etc. He said that anyone may get addicted to drugs but the important thing out of this is the treatment or cure. The school Counsellor also added that the situation needs to be accepted and the needful should be done as to “Better Knowledge for Better Care”. Dr. Prashanta Kumar Roy narrated a wonderful story and marked that Addiction degrades the health in many ways as well as it is a prominent cause of mortality. He quoted, “When you are a part of the solution, You are no longer a part of the problem”. Then followed the Question Answer session, where the students asked questions about different problems which crop up due to such menace and the experts provided their valuable inputs.
The panel discussion ended on the note that addiction is not a sin and there is no need to create distance from those who are addicted, instead helping them is the key solution to the problem. At this point of crisis, everyone should remain socially connected but physically distant. The discussion ended with a vote of thanks by the Heads of the Institution and with the hope to meet with the amazing personalities in the near future beyond virtual settings.


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