Republic Day Celebration 2019 at B.D.M.I.
B.D.M.International celebrates the red letter day in the history of India-the Republic day with the zest of patriotism. The 26th of January gave the country its constitution thereby making this day a very significant part of the life of every Indian. The beginning of this auspicious day at B.D.M.I. was marked by the parade of the high spirited enthusiastic participants followed by the unfurling of the tricolor. The honorable CEO, Mr. S.L. Gupta; the Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Chaudhuri; the Director of Education, Mrs. Ruma Basu and the Vice Principal, Mrs. Tapasi Mukherjee, graced the celebration with their presence. The students of Stepping Stone had come up with some wonderful performances filled with patriotic ardour. It was followed by the dance performance of the students of Mile Stone. With freedom in mind and pride in heart, the students of class 9 struck a chord with the spectators through their choir performance on “Vaishnav Janato”. The event of Gem Stone began with the academic rewarding of the students of class 1 to 9 and 11 for the session 2017-18 in the category of academic excellence, best student and 100% attendance; as a token of motivation and inspiration to the young minds. The Hindi drama titled as “Azadi Ke Aar Paar” was a refined ensemble of drama, dance and music. The Mock Parliament by the senior students of Gem Stone, well expounded a very cardinal concern of today’s society towards the awakening of a better tomorrow. The celebration came to an end with the vote of thanks by the Principal, Mrs. Vijaya Chaudhuri and her valuable words on the awareness of the duties as a responsible citizen besides exercising the fundamental rights and that rights and duties go hand in hand; followed by the singing of the “National Anthem” in unison. The celebration at B.D.M.I. was resplendent with an array of performances that rewardingly pleased the spectators.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) : B.D.M. INTERNATIONAL Announcement

As per the Circular dated 14/03/2020 from the desk of the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal, as a matter of abundant precaution and to keep a check on the spread of Corona Virus (COVID -19), the New session of classes - X and XII will not begin from 18/03/2020. The revised date will be notified soon.