Zumba Fitness Programme


Zumba- fitness programme which incorporates various types of exercises and dance moves. On 4th August 2018 students of BDMI gathered with immense excitement and optimism to get the zumba lessons which were organized in the school for promoting fitness. The whole auditorium was covered with loud and gusty cheers as the representative turned on the energetic music. The crowd went mad on the music yet maintaining a minimum discipline of the school. Everybody was enjoying including the teachers. The dance moves soothed the audience and the 30mins Zumba dance activity proved to be a new innovative idea for the school students to develop the sense of PE in their lives abreast with the studies. Key elements such as team work, confidence, self-esteem, memory, creativity, co-ordination, social skills and leadership gets highlighted. With such an increase in child obesity these days, it is very important to develop a healthy lifestyle and train kids while they are young to incorporate movement and exercise into their daily routine, so it becomes a natural thing to do and they don’t end up with the ‘exercise struggle’ as they grow up !

Thus, BDMI proved one more time that it goes beyond plain academics to inculcate versatility among the students.

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