Presentation For G20 Summit - 2023 - B.D.M. International

Presentation For G20 Summit – 2023

Presentation for G20 Summit

B.D.M. International being a part of the CBSE Sahodaya School Complexes, in collaboration with Buturlinovsky Secondary School, Russia, has taken the initiative on educating the students on the sustainable use and management of the ocean and its resources.

The school structured ‘5 projects’ on the theme ‘Blue Sustainability’ where both the schools took interest in making placards and posters, sang songs, and recited poems based on the theme. Class VIII of our school also conducted a special assembly at the G20 summit and RIIG. The senior sections had taken up a beach cleaning campaign. EV3 model-based cleaning using Arduino was also incorporated as a part of the activities.

The students had taken an active interest in all the events and were very happy to be a part of the campaign.

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