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Our Leadership Team

1. Ms. Madhumita Sengupta

Ms. Madhumita Sengupta

With over 22 years of collective experience as a Senior Teacher, Leadership team member and Principal at different reputed schools, Ms. Madhumita Sengupta has also been a mentor Principal under the CBSE, Army Welfare Education Society and also an observer/ Inspector of National Institute of Open Schooling. Ms. Sengupta aspires to build creativity, critical thinking and compassion as necessary skills among students within a secure and joyful learning environment of school. Ms. Sengupta has also been awarded the prestigious ‘Chief of Army Staff Commendation Card’ in recognition of her devotion to duty and distinguished service in the field of Education.

From the Principal’s desk:

B.D.M. International epitomizes vibrancy and dynamism within a holistic learning environment. The school believes in imparting value – based education with the aim to bring forth overall development of the students. The system of education followed in the school is a blend of theory and practice in the right proportion to arrive at a comprehensive curriculum. The institution has a strong team of teachers and staff members who are devoted, dedicated and determined to the cause. Everyone here toils to make this arena a congenial one. Within its well-equipped infrastructure and technology aided learning environment, students enjoy the enriching experience of schooling. We at B.D.M. International strive to equip our students with confidence and courage to face any challenge they may come across so as to usher them in a wave of new hope and in the path of overall excellence.

Best Regards,

Madhumita Sengupta


2. Ms. Madhumita Seal 1

Ms. Madhumita Seal

Vice Principal

With more than two decades of experience in the education sector, Ms. Madhumita Seal has donned many hats – teacher, school administrator, author, mentor, counsellor, facilitator, scholar and so much more.

With a vision of providing quality education and nurturing minds and lives, her engaging pedagogical approaches have received much acclaim. She is a recipient of Awards as Best Indian teacher from Varkey Gems Foundation,in 2010 and Best Administrator and an Educationist of the year in 2014 and 2021.She is also an IVLP scholar and was a short term scholar at California State University (2012).

Ms. Madhumita Seal is a member of International Exchange Alumni and believes in developing skills of communication and collaboration in her students. As an alumnus of Presidency College and Loreto Day School works on imparting not only knowledge but feels imbibing values are more important than learning facts and figures.

She has authored Science books for students of  middle school and reader books for pre-primary sections. She has conducted workshops for teachers, students and parents. Recently, she has received the federal award from US State Department and is leading a  project with the aim of nurturing young women in STEM education with high school students. She believes in nurturing young minds with care and compassion as they will make our future world. She considers each child to be unique and harps on equity and not equality.

Message for the students:

Dear Students,

We are living in a particularly difficult world, so first and foremost, take care of yourselves, reach out  for help. We are always there for you.

Believe in yourselves because each and every one of you have limitless potential. With hard work, sky is the limit!

You are on the right track already and your journey has begun. You are blessed to have such caring parents, compassionate teachers,and you are a part of this rich legacy of what we call, BDMI. May you excel in what you lay your hands on and reach the stars. May the Almighty shower His blessings on you!

“Believing in togetherness

Walking in togetherness..

We move forward.”

Warm Regards,

Madhumita Seal

Vice Principal

3. Ms. Ranjita Sharma 1

Ms. Ranjita Sharma

Senior Coordinator - Senior Secondary

Ms. Ranjita Sharma, a postgraduate in English and B.Ed from Calcutta University, is a highly enthusiastic, self-directed, and innovative academic leader with a keen interest in handling support operations to foster students’ cognitive and social growth. She has a teaching experience of 16 years and about two years of administrative experience in reputed CBSE schools in the country. 

Her interpersonal abilities coupled with pedagogical attributes make her befitting for the post of a skilled mentor.  Her considerable experience as a senior PGT, a Vice Principal, and the Head Examiner for both AISSE & AISSCE has given way to a vast knowledge of handling responsibilities to ensure an environment conducive to learning and growth.

Ms. Priyanka Roy New Pic

Ms. Priyanka Roy

Secondary Coordinator

With an M.Sc. in Botany and a B.Ed., Ms. Priyanka Roy is associated with the educational fraternity since 2011. She started her journey as an educator, which over the years has scaled into a role of being a coordinator. Her ideology is to nurture the hidden qualities within children and help them evolve as brilliant examples with the aim to serve humankind for a better future.

5. Ms. Puja Sharma 2

Ms. Puja Sharma

Upper Primary Coordinator

A competent professional with over 22 years of experience in teaching, administration, classroom management, curriculum development and student management, Ms. Puja Sharma is an alumnus of Loreto College. She gained significant exposure directing the day-to-day administrative activities of school while working at missionary and international schools of repute in the city. She has a degree in Educational Administration and is skilled in faculty training and upholding of organizational objectives and aspirations. With a certified course in Counselling, she is always willing to lend an ear to her students to motivate them to reach their potential. She has contributed immensely to the institutions that she has collaborated with. She believes that she wasn’t just born to teach, she was born to inspire others, to change people, thus, she wants to play an instrumental role in carrying out social service projects.

7. Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee 1

Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee

Upper Primary Incharge (Morning)

With an experience of more than a decade, Ms. Mrinmoyee Mukherjee is a teacher and a leader with the ability to convince and motivate by example and persuasion. She is committed to excellence and work in a team-oriented environment, continuously striving for quality and innovation that can facilitate educational growth and development.

Ms. Swati Sengupta

Ms. Swati Sengupta

Upper Primary Incharge (Day)

Ms. Swati Sengupta has been a part of the educational community since 2006. She holds an MA in English and has received specialised training in teaching English Language. She began her career as a teacher, and she is currently a teacher in charge of the middle school Day shift.
Ms. Swati Sengupta is enthused, compassionate, and believes in cooperation with a love for developing young brains into responsible citizens of the future. She believes that having patience will help her connect with pupils and help them through their difficulties. She can engage, communicate, and collaborate well with both individuals and groups because of her strong interpersonal skills.

8. Ms. Sulata Duttagupta 1

Ms. Sulata Duttagupta

Upper Primary Incharge (Day)

Ms. Sulata Duttagupta is a teacher – in –charge at B.D.M. International , Kolkata. She has an experience of teaching for over two decades in the Middle school and currently has been working as a Teacher In Charge of Middle school Day shift. The pursuit of perfection is what defines her. She continues to evolve as a teacher and motivate young people’s lives. She believes an ideal learning environment can start with patience and passion.

6. Rakhi Chakraborty Lahiri 1

Ms. Rakhi Lahiri


A creative, enthusiastic and articulate management professional with 25+ years of experience, Ms. Rakhi Chakraborty Lahiri has a passion to lead and shape learning. A voracious reader herself, she focuses on developing reading and speaking skills among her students. Inspirational communicator able to inspire and elicit outstanding performance from a diverse array of individuals and groups. She has been a mentor, facilitator and has been a motivator for her students, thus helping them in confidence building and presentation skills. She is systematic with an eye for detail and passion to innovate. She believes in including parents to be a part of the collaborative teaching learning process. Her keen administrative, analytical, and budgetary skills have contributed positively to the organizations she has worked with.

9. Ms. Seema Bagchi 1

Ms. Seema Bagchi

Primary Incharge (Morning)

An educationist and a co-ordinator, Ms. Seema Bagchi has been working as an in-charge of the morning section in the primary department for the last nine years. She is a self-motivated individual who has the taken the onus of keeping the team motivated. She believes simplicity, honesty and transparency should be the key traits to be developed in children in order to make them future ready.

10. Ms. Bratati Das 1

Ms. Bratati Das

Primary Incharge (Day)

Ms. Bratati Das, Science and Mathematics teacher has been a part of B.D.M. International for the last thirty-three years. She was made the in-charge of the day section of the primary department in 1993.

As a team leader she has been instrumental in guiding the students in various science activities and exhibitions. She has also guided the teachers to deliver their best. She believes that children must be nurtured with care and patience as they are the future torch bearers of the society.

11. Ms. Sabari Das

Ms. Sabari Ghosh Das

Primary Incharge (Day)

Ms. Sabari Ghosh Das believes in complete evolvement of children by nurturing their hidden talents to help them get 360-degree holistic education. She has been enriching herself by teaching children of all ages for the last 28 years. She has a rich experience of teaching in different renowned schools of the city as well as abroad. Being the” State First” in teacher training programme and an award holder of “Best Teacher Award”, she also possesses a creative mind which reflects in her ideas. She is associated and working for Deaf and Dumb children as an interpreter. “Honesty, Dedication and Hard work” are the three key words of her life.

12. Ms. Chandra Banerjee 1

Ms. Chandra Banerjee

Pre-Primary Coordinator

A seasoned advertising & teaching professional, with over 22 years in teaching Nursery & primary students, Ms. Banerjee has worked in some of the finest schools across the country and have adapted to different curriculum and different teaching methods. She is an adept teaching professional with experience of handling children with special needs. Her background in advertising, coupled with her degree in Education, gives her the edge when it comes to effectively communicating with pre -primary/ Primary grade students and developing their inner potential. She is a versatile teacher with exposure to different teaching methods and has the ability guide the team to combine the best practices of every method.