Congratulations to Students of Class XII 2019

BDM International Congratulate all stream toppers of Class XII 2019

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Congratulations to Class X 2019 Students

BDM International congratulate all stream toppers of Class X 2019

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Congratulations to Class X 2019 Toppers

BDM International congratulate the toppers of Class X in AISSE 2019

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English and Social Science Exhibition 2019

With the belief that “Art is Freedom” B.D.M.International organized the English and Social Science Exhibition on 23rd and 24thof October 2019. The students presented the English models based ...

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Educational Introspection- B.D.M.I Conducts Educational Excursion

Taking a cue from Marcel Proust’s famous lines- “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”- B.D.M.International had arranged for two educational excursions...

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Sarod Utsab 2019 at B.D.M.International

We believe that 'the greatness of a culture can be found in its festivals', and in keeping with this idea, B. D. M. International celebrated Sarod Uthsob on 1 October, 2019. With the entire city immersed in...

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We provide the best-in-class facility to suffice the requirement of a modern-age education

  • Rewarding technology-oriented education with innovative syllabus in accordance with the CBSE rules.
  • Centrally Air-conditioned School
  • Day Boarding options where children are nurtured.
  • Colossal Library with Internet Access Facility.
  • 200 seater Multimedia room.
  • Computer rooms where each student works with individual machine.
  • Hi-Tech and State-of-the-Art Laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Bio-Technology,Geography,Mathematics.
  • Parks for little children inside the school premises.
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Save Water, Save Life (2)

Save Water, Save Life Project

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