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360° Curriculum

B.D.M. International is a progressive school that believes in academic and co-curricular excellence. As a school, we believe in the academic, mental, physical and social development in a safe and friendly environment so that our students can grow up to become respectful and responsible assets to the society. The breadth of our curriculum and our wide range of facilities, thus allow each child to explore his or her potential to the fullest.

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Our Pillars

Academic Excellence
  • Integrated learning outcomes which promote critical thinking, professionalism, physical and emotional health, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Robust curriculum
  • Robust teaching-learning
  • Continuous and regular assessment of student learning outcomes and best teaching practices
Ethics and Values
  • Prepare our students for their future role in society
  • Respect and compassion
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Integrity and achievement
  • Unique value system
Physical Health and Sports
  • Structured development
  • Qualified teachers and coaches
  • Inclusive physical activities and education
Our Key Enablers
  • Healthy student teacher ratio
  • Continuous professional development
  • Healthy school environment
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure and technology


We believe in empowering individuals through transformational education, creativity, and art. We, at B.D.M. International, are pioneers in urban K12 education to deliver educational excellence and nurture ethical, respectful, happy, and purposeful citizens of society. The school is progressive in its approach, follows an interactive pedagogy, and integrates technology into its educational practices giving considerable curricular emphasis on sports and arts.

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The Driving Force of B.D.M.I.

21st Century Skill at BDMI

Inculcation of 21st-century skills for students

Our children are encouraged to be creative and therefore every opportunity is taken to develop their confidence, knowledge, self-esteem, and life skills through technology, physical education, and creative and performing arts. A school with a long tradition of academic excellence and creativity within an exceptionally warm and supportive environment, our Senior Secondary School Program offers gateway to Higher Education embedded in a strong industry connect.

4 communication skills at BDMI

The Four Communication Skills

B.D.M. International School aims to develop well-rounded, socially and emotionally adept individuals with the love for lifelong learning. Our advanced curriculum paves the way forward to create curious, knowledgeable, conscientious, and empathetic young people.

Facilitate students at BDMI

We facilitate, we do not instruct

Our teachers, through their continued guidance enable the unraveling of potential in each individual student to ignite his/her originality and nurture the zeal for achieving that which is focused upon.

Multifacet Education at BDMI
Multifaceted Development

We believe that creativity and self-expression are at the center of a unique learning experience at B.D.M. International. We aim to expose students to a wide variety of art forms – dance, music, theatre, performing arts – to blend art and aesthetics within our pedagogy of experiential and thematic learning.

Physical well being at BDMI

Physical Well-being

We lay due emphasis on physical well-being through active participation in various social, athletic, and artistic clubs and societies. Our sports department aims at a structured expression of the physical self for holistic development of our students. We have a well planned curriculum in place that is intertwined with the student’s daily schedule to ensure that they are active, fit, and healthy for life.

Online Horizons

Art Integrated Education 1

A strong focus on art integrated education ensures that the learners gain experience in being flexible, adaptable and innovative as they develop their 4Cs (Critical thinking, Creativity and Innovation, Collaboration and Communication).

Hybrid Classes 1

A unique module of hybrid classes (Online and offline) required a few selected students to attend their classes physically in the classroom and the remaining students attended it online. Offline classes were consensually opted for by the students and were arranged following the established COVID protocols by the government and with prior permission from their guardians.

Webinars and Sessions

Keeping with the demands of the ever-evolving, competitive world, regular webinars, and workshops are conducted by industry accredited professionals within the premises to update and enlighten the young minds of the secondary section.

Mental Health Class

Regular mental health classes have been incorporated in the class timetables to ensure that learners have access and the opportunity to freely talk about their feelings and emotions and realize that they are being heard.

Activity Class

Learners get ample opportunities to participate in co-curricular activities through a dedicated activity period in their daily schedule. This not only breaks the monotony of academic classes but also gives them the chance to be creative

Exams and Invigilation 2

In this difficult period, alternative exam arrangements have been made to ensure that learners are aptly graded to prepare them for the myrid challenges of life, soon after the pandemic gets over. Proctored examinations have been carried out with the aid of child-friendly applications and software to aid in this process.

Digital Library

The facility of having a Digital Library ensures that our learners develop strong observational skills as they understand the importance of being clear, concise, confident, and personable during a conversation. Countless books, in digital format, are accessible by students. Our focused approach inside the classroom and commitment to providing independent access translates to an effective reading habit.

Regular Class Activities

We make use of various online applications, oral work, open book assignments, classroom discussions, project work and experimentation, and written assignments.

Special Sessions Conducted

Tele-counselling sessions are conducted for relieving students from anxiety and stress. Special sessions such as study habits, memory enhancement, thinking aloud, usage of technological devices, and brainstorming sessions are also conducted from time to time.

Virtual Celebrations 1

We all participate and celebrate the important days and events through virtual celebrations.

Co-curricular Activities

Art Craft

Art & Craft:

“All art requires courage” – Anne Tucker

  • Creativity:

Initiating new ideas,

Expressing the ideas in unique ways and diverse perspectives

Presenting their creation in a different way for different purposes

  • Focus:

To be able to focus on a task despite distractions



“Music is a magic like no other, which can do incredible, unexplainable things” – Tom Fletcher

  • Develops cross curricular skills
  • The awareness of beat, rhythm, melody and harmony helps children express their feelings and connecting with self and others
  • Music improves emotional development and enhances the vocabulary
  • Performing music gives the children insight into people’s culture and times


“Dancers don’t need wings to fly” – Jackrabbit Dance

  • Dance classes teach basic life skills, vital for the rest of their lives
  • It trains them on spatial awareness, body awareness and hand-body coordination
  • Kinesthetic exposure of emotion
Physical education

Physical Education:

“Health is worth more than learning” – Thomas Jefferson

  • Training the students to become socially responsible and respect others as well as oneself
  • To develop skills to help them achieve and maintain a healthy configuration of physical activity and fitness
Club Activities

Club Activities:

“The quality of life is determined by its activities” – Aristotle 

  • A wide variety of co-curricular activities such as story-telling, art & craft, dance & music are offered to our children. It is mandatory for each student at B.D.M.I. to be a part of at least one of the clubs.
  • Clubs develop their creative and social skills.


The seven clubs of the secondary section provide a sustained and continuous outlet for the learners to experiment with their personal interests. They are instrumental in catalyzing imagination and appreciation by engaging students through performing, creating, responding, and interconnecting.
Literary Club

Literary Club

Our learners participate in script writing, anchoring and public speaking.

Science Club

Science Club

Regular science exhibitions are conducted throughout the academic year.

Creative Art Club

Creative Arts Club

Learners are encouraged to hone their creative talents in a positive environment.

Performing Art Club

Performing Arts Club

Regular and continuous classes are conducted in music and dance for the artistic development of our students.

Activities IT Club

IT Club

Meticulously planned classes prepare students for the future.

Sports Club

Sports Club

Various sports activities like cricket, football, basketball and yoga are conducted throughout the academic year.

Activities Eco Club

Eco Club

Children gain sustainability experience through various activities that prepare them to be environmentally conscious and become global citizens.

Reading and Story telling Club

Reading and Story-telling Club

The learners are exposed to a wide variety of story-telling and reading sessions to hone their listening and story-telling skills.

Scouts and Bulbuls Club

Scouts and Bulbuls

Scouts and Bulbuls are trained to be confident leaders with adequate life skills, communication and leadership skills to face the challenges of the world..


Todd English, Mathematics, Art
KG English, Mathematics, Art, Vernacular
Prep English, Number Work, G.K
I-II English, Vernacular, Mathematics, Computer Science, EVS, G.K
III-V English, Vernacular, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, EVS, G.K
VI-VIII English, Vernacular, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence
IX-X English, Vernacular, Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence
1) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science.
2) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology.
3) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Bio Technology.
4) English, Bengali/Hindi/ Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Bio Technology, Psychology.
5) English, Bengali/Hindi/ Physical Education, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Psychology.
1) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Painting, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics.
2) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Painting, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics, Applied Mathematics.
3) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Physical Education, Accountancy, Business Studies, Legal Studies, Entrepreneurship.
4) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Painting, Accountancy, Business Studies, Economics & Informatics Practices.
5) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Painting, Accountancy, Business Studies, Legal Studies & Cost Accounting.
1) English, Accountancy, Financial Markets Management, Banking, Business Studies/ Economics, Entrepreneurship/ Mathematics/ Cost Accounting / Applied Mathematics/ Legal Studies
1) English, Bengali/ Hindi/ Painting, Geography/ Psychology, Political Science, Sociology / Economics, Mathematics/ History/Mass Media Studies/ Applied Mathematics / Legal Studies.