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A child learns in many ways – questioning adults, collaborating with peers, and experiencing the world through his or her unique perspective. Our children learn to observe, analyze, interpret information, and ask ‘why?’ and ‘what if?’ They are given the opportunity to connect the dots between what is happening in the real world, to take action, and to effect change in their community. Budding Stone, the pre-primary unit of B.D.M. International is the gateway to a child’s formal education journey.


Our teaching methodology aims to strike a perfect balance between tradition and modernity that helps a child develop holistically. Education is not limited to the four walls of the classroom. We believe in holistic development of a child that would lead to more than just qualifications when he faces the real world after school. In a dynamic and shifting world, this kind of learning impacts individual growth as well as global consciousness.

Experimental Learning Includes :

  • Innovative Corner encourages a child to explore.
  • Activity Corner lets the child engage with diverse concepts, from math and science to learning about themselves and their world. 
  • Reading Corner lets the child develop the love for literature in a positive and healthy environment.
  • Dramatic Play Corner lets the child engage using all the senses, through experiential opportunities, that allow them the space to observe, compare, make judgement, choose, have opinions and most importantly empathize.
  • Music and Movement Corner helps the child unwind from the academic routine and learn the basic sense of rhythm and melody.
  • Play Corner encourages a child to value sports and play as we believe that a healthy mind resides inside a healthy body.

Our innovative curriculum, unique learning opportunities and high-quality teaching as part of our blended learning approach ensures holistic learning and development of skills.

Vital Components Includes :

  • Social, cognitive and emotional development is encompassed in our lessons
  • Circle Time ensures communicating and listening to both peers and teachers
  • Participation in events and celebrations to ingrain the values of team-building.
  • Bubble Time with special counsellor friends
  • Morning prayer based on Indian context and values
  • Rainbow calls to ensure that children love to come to school