Secondary Unit | English Medium School | B.D.M.I.



By the time our students reach secondary school, they begin to engage with the curriculum in more intricate and intensive ways. More emphasis is laid on the teaching/learning process through continuous assessments, doubt solving, practice mock tests and practical classes; with experienced and specialized faculty members guiding the students towards academic excellence.


Teachers and students play an equally active role in the learning process. The teacher’s primary role is to coach and facilitate student learning and overall comprehension of material, and to measure student learning through both formal and informal forms of assessment, like group projects, student portfolios and class participation. The high-tech approach to learning utilizes different technology to aid students in their classroom learning. Use of computer and tablets in the classroom has proved beneficial in the classroom setting. Teachers also use the internet in order to connect their students with educators from round the world.

Personal Development

Under the able guidance of board-certified counsellors, regular counselling sessions, periodic workshops and seminars, are conducted for the benefit of the students. These counselling opportunities are provided to both the students and their guardians in order to work towards a common goal – personal development, achieving resilience through empathy and understanding teamwork. It educates and helps them navigate through their inner feelings of conflict and improve interpersonal relationships.