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At B.D.M.I., we believe in building a strong alumni network that not only keeps former students linked but also allows successful graduates to express their charitable spirit. The Alumni Association will provide a forum for you to share your academic, cultural, professional, and personal experiences with current students as well as other alumni. The Alumni Office's objective is to assist you to stay connected to B.D.M.I to foster stronger bonds and give opportunities for dialogue, knowledge sharing, volunteer work, social contact, and philanthropy

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Welcome to the Alumni Network of B.D.M.I. !!!

The term ‘alumni’ refers to students who have graduated from a school or college.

We would look forward to continuing our contact and collaboration to help improve the quality of our academic program, industry relationships, and different aspects of our operations in order to assure continual improvements and excellent service standards to our current and former student community.

Our alumni have played a critical role in establishing our institution’s repute and have made significant contributions to the institution’s progress. Alumni continue to bestow honors on our institution. On its part, the institution is eager to strengthen ties with its alumni. Our new website has tools that allow alumni to register and stay up to date on various activities.

Your active participation and support in the activities of the B.D.M.I. Alumni Association and the website will help us work together to take B.D.M.I. forward in the years to come. In order to continue this initiative, we welcome feedback and suggestions from alumni on the website. It’s just a little step toward reconnecting graduates with their past.

Kindly, pass the word around to your friends and batch mates to go to our website and register to enjoy the benefits of keeping in touch. The BDMI alumni organize meetings and get together with the support of the institution, thus strengthening and re-kindling the sense of community and companionship

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Principal's Message For Alumni

B.D.M. International School takes great pride in launching its Alumni Association, an association of Ex-students to sustain the bond with their Alma Mater. With more than 56 years in the path of education, BDMI has students pursuing in different fields of excellence across the globe. This platform shall surely provide them with a forum for rich and diversified interaction and sharing.

Be it academic or sports, cultural activities or social service, student of BDMI have excelled in every field and has brought honor to this establishment.

With so many glorious years of our successful existence, The School wants to recognize the strength of the alumni network. Through this platform of ALMA

CONNECT we invite all our Ex-Students to participate and embrace this opportunity to connect and make a positive contribution that unites and bonds you to your AlmaMater.

On behalf of all of us here at B.D.M. International School, I wish the Alumni all the very best in all your future endeavors. May we always be successful in our mission of Building competence, Developing skills, Moulding minds, and Inspiring Hearts to make global citizens.

God bless all your efforts and bring success to this great initiative.

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