An "Unforgettable" Bond With Sir Ruskin Bond - B.D.M. International

An “Unforgettable” Bond With Sir Ruskin Bond

An UNFORGETTABLE bond with Sir Ruskin Bond Four

B.D.M.International had been privileged enough to be a part of the literary extravaganza organized at Sister Nivedita University. Three students of class XI- Sanchit Mukherjee, Archini Basu Roy, Sourav Sarkar accompanied by their English teacher went to attend this wonderful talk show. The enlightening and amiable presence of the octogenarian literary prodigy inspired all present there. His spontaneous answering to the questions posed by the audience or the interviewers enlivened the rendezvous and made it thoroughly enjoyable. This laudable initiative taken by the Techno India Group in association with the British Council will be cherished through years.