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Children’s Day @ B.D.M.International

Children s Day at bdmi Six

Calling out to the inner child, B.D.M.International celebrated Children’s Day on 14th November,2019 with all love and merriment. Inspired by the notion propagated by Angela Schwindt – “While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what is life all about”- the teachers went a step further and conducted a special assembly for the students. The assembly was manifested with various song, yoga and dance performances. It came to a closure with the teachers promising the students with a better and enriched tomorrow. The revelry continued as the young ones were entertained with inspirational movies. To mark this special occasion, the school had also organized a non-fire cooking competition, where the senior students prepared various delicacies, in teams, to treat the juniors. The outcome of the competition was glorious as the youngsters had an incredible recess. The day came to a close with token of gifts given to all the students and with the prayer to nurture innocence and love in all.