Christmas Day Celebration - 2021 - B.D.M. International

Christmas Day Celebration – 2021

BDMI Christmas Day

Christmas is a day of forgiveness, kindness, and compassion, a day of reflection and self-realization.

B.D.M.International celebrates this unique feeling of sharing joy and happiness, with a sense of gratitude towards all, who have strived and risked their lives to keep us safe and healthy and give us a better tomorrow.

The tiny and little ones, along with their more senior school mates are here to spread this timeless message of Christmas, through an online representation of the story of Christmas and a wonderful variety of Christmas Carols, dance performances, extraordinary craft-work, and Christmas cards.

So, let us give to ourselves this spirit of love and healing, of encouraging the joy of giving and sharing gifts with others, and ushering in a new way of life.

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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