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Educational Introspection- B.D.M.I Conducts Educational Excursion

Educational Introspection B D M I Conducts Educational Excursion 3

Taking a cue from Marcel Proust’s famous lines- “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes”- B.D.M.International had arranged for two educational excursions, yet again, for this year’s academic calendar. Travelling is a part of education where learners get introduced to new ideas and views through bonding with nature. This year, the secondary students were escorted to Murshidabad while the senior secondary students were escorted to Purulia.

The Murshidabad tour dated from 17th – 19th October and the itinerary were scheduled for 2nights and 3days. The tour began from the school’s premises with more than 90 students and accompanying teachers. On day 1 the students visited Hazarduyari, Imamabara, The Clock Tower; while day 2 began with tonga rides followed by local side seeing to Katgola Garden, the residences of Mir Jafar and Jagat Seth and Katra Masjid. Day 3 had a grand beginning with visiting the museum of Hazarduyari. The museum showcased the epitome of the Nawab’s cultural heritage and the exhibits were breath taking. Post the visit the team set off to return to Kolkata while making a halt at the iconic Plassey.

While the secondary students visited Murshidabad, the senior students travelled to Purulia. The tour was scheduled from 17th – 20th October, with an itinerary for 3nights and 4days. The team was lodged at Banjara Hill Camp, Sonkupii village, in the midst of Ayodhya and Mayur hills. The team of 28 students along with accompanying teachers, on day 1, went to Upper and Lower Dams, Marble Lake and Mayur Hills. Day 2 was scheduled for the visits to Khairabera Dam, Charida Village and Pakhi Hills and returing back to the base camp at Sonkupii.

Both the tours were extremely successful which helped the students to explore knowledge in their personal space. The students could introspect and get a perspective of real-life situations through these trips. The parents were extremely elated and satisfied with the entire organisation-from the inception of the tours to the closure. The memories that were created were exceptionally beautiful and the B.D.M.I. family is proud that the endeavour was appreciated as it truly deserved.