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Remembering Tagore

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Seventy eight years ago, the World lost a visionary and a citizen; who left behind indelible heritage of culture, poems, novels, songs and many more; a name that is an emotion for every Indian: country’s very own Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore. B.D.M.International pays a tribute to this epitome on 8th Augustthrough a humble celebration in the form of dance with live song. Twenty second day in the Bengali calendar month of “Shrabon” holds a special significance not just because the World lost a gem, but also a day celebrating the paramount value of nature initiated by Tagore on his 64th birthday at Shantiniketan as “Brikkho Ropon Dibas” or “Tree Plantation Day”. The institution has put up the programme to cherish his memory and also to let the present generation remember this great man not only today but also in days to come. The well co-ordinated presentation and the beautiful decoration of the auditorium with small pots of plants brought by the students in an effort to align themselves with Mother Nature, could bring a glimpse of Shantiniketan’s aura in the B.D.M.I. family.