Road Safety Week Presentation - 2022 - B.D.M. International

Road Safety Week Presentation – 2022

Road Safety Week Presentation 2022

National Road Safety week ( 11th -15th January 2022)

Safety First!!

In the vision of a safer world, B.D.M.INTERNATIONAL Pre-Primary classes celebrated National Road Safety week from 11th to 15th January 2022. The future citizens were made road-ready by being introduced to various road signs, signals, and traffic rules.

Dressed up like dainty tiny cars, the Toddlers followed the road signs as they had their free-play hour. They swayed and twirled and tripped and hopped to the tune of “Red light! Red light! What do you say?”

Prep and KG tried their hands at making traffic models and signs. The circle-time echoed the various road safety rules.

Children seemed to be perfect guidebooks of Indian traffic rules. Their awareness and sense of morality astonished us all. Hence, we at BDMI proudly boast of all these teeny-meeny responsible citizens. They are sure to make everyone proud.

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