The Annual Fest, 2019 - B.D.M. International

The Annual Fest, 2019

Annual Fest BDMI 27

The Annual Cultural Fest of B.D.M.International, was held in the premises of Nazrul Manch in a befitting manner on 23rd December, 2019. The day-long programme was presided over by Former Sheriff Utpal Chatterjee. The grand function witnessed the august presence of the Heads of eminent institutions and many other dignified guests.

The distinguished guests, elite guardians, and the students of the esteemed institution attended the inaugural function with great enthusiasm and joy. The events of the day-long programme included music, dance recitals, skit, guest felicitation, prize distribution of the achievers etc. The chief guest distributed the prizes and also delivered a motivational speech. He encouraged the students for their laudable performances. On the auspicious occasion of the fest, the senior citizens of Navanir and the loving children of Sahaj Path were given small tokens of appreciation and love by the B.D.M.I family.

With the passage of time the degradation of the value system in Humans triggered the organizers to focus on the importance of Values of Life to be the theme of this Grand cultural festival. Each and every branch of the institution depicted different values which cater to all age groups starting from the toddlers to the adults. The performances of the day opened with the toddlers of B.D.M.I. trying to emphasise on the values of happiness, peace of mind and joys of life derived from Mother nature through their program entitled “Cradle”. The next group of juniors from classes III to V exhibited UDAAN, depicting the values of sharing, caring, bonding and togetherness.

The program entitled FROSTY FEST took us to the magical world of the fairy tale story of the dwarves and the elves to instil the values of kindness, hard work, empathy, love and care for all. Next in line were the performances by the youthful students of the middle school who mesmerised us with the events entitled Rhapsody and Chronicles; in which the values of courage, self confidence, acceptance, reverence, integrity, commitment and patriotism got established. Watching that performance gave the glimpse of the earthiness, simplicity and truthfulness of the talented students.

The secondary and the senior secondary students of B.D.M.I. stole the show with Vandana followed by a skit entitled The Ring of Love by the class XI students. The skit endorsed the values of love, care, concern and respect for family members, parents and grandparents. Finally, NIRVANA, the dance recital depicting the values of mutual care, universal brotherhood and global consciousness which is the need of the hour; draws the curtain to the day’s events.

The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks from the Principal and singing of the National Anthem. This year’s Annual Fest was a phenomenal success and B.D.M.I. waits with bated breath for the next season.

This year the team REVENUE RAIDERS championed the show with their brilliant ideas on EPF . The team MONEY MAVERICKS was the 1st Runners Up. The school looks forward to more such events to provide a creative platform to the students.