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Walking towards a Better Tomorrow

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Climate change has taken a toll on our dear Earth and if we do not take steps right away, we will stand answerable to the future “us”. We believe that it is time for not only the adults but also the children to stand up for this cause and make their voices heard. The Extinction Rebellion is a global event which aimed at making children aware of the menace-climate change and to protest against this, they have organised walkathon in various schools.

B.D.M.International is proud to be associated with this event and on 15th March 2019 the students of B.D.M.I. took part in the Walkathon to raise their voices against and strike for climate change. The students with the able guidance of the teachers had prepared various placards, slogans and posters to address to this impending threat. They walked quite a distance to make their fellow citizens aware of this gnawing peril, with the hope to make a better, greener and sustainable tomorrow.