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BDMI Celebrates “The International Mother Language Day”


Observance of “The International Mother Language Day” at BDMI

B.D.M.International organised a Special Assembly to celebrate “THE INTERNATIONAL MOTHER LANGUAGE DAY” observed all over the world on 21st February. In 2019, 186 nations across the world observed this day to foster the importance of mother language in all hearts.

The teachers and students of B.D.M.I. observed one minute silence to pay tribute to the Indian martyrs of the Pulwama massacre.The assembly started with the song dedicated in memory of all those martyrs who sacrificed their lives to safeguard their mother language. Then the students presented a multi-lingual skit to highlight the importance of mother language for all. The patriotic song “Mile sur mera tumhara…” was sung in different Indian languages to bring out the essence of Unity in Diversity. The National Anthems of India and Bangladesh sung at the end of the programme which made everyone stand in respect was an effort to propagate the message of mutual respect and tolerance. Thus, irrespective of difference in the mother languages, B.D.M.I. became a part of all those 186 nations through the musical chord of love and harmony.