The institution endeavors to provide ample opportunities to students to harness their potential in multiple directions. The aim is to help find their strength and talents, develop their inherent capabilities and provide platforms to display their skill. Exposure to a wide range of co-curricular activities ensures that the students not only attain their potential but emerge as cultured and socially conscious individuals. They are actively encouraged to participate in these activities organized for them and as a result have outshone many others, in external competitions.

The Tiny tots of B.D.M.International learnt the value of Saving Water and to store it for future use. Water, the other name of which is life must not be wasted and this valuable lesson was beautifully imparted to our young learners through this project.They themselves watered the plants kept at the school premises from the left over water in their water bottles and even used the same for the cleaning purpose.. The eye- catching and colorful posters made on this theme truly conveyed a very important social message.

Save Water, Save Life (1)
Save Water, Save Life (2)
Save Water, Save Life (3)
Save Water, Save Life (5)
Save Water, Save Life (6)
Save Water, Save Life (7)
Save Water, Save Life (9)
Save Water, Save Life (8)
Save Water, Save Life (4)

B.D.M. International has taken up the great kindness challenge that spanned for five days from 28th January 2019 – 1st February 2019 as we sincerely believe that kindness matters.

As a part of the pre-kindness challenge, the whole school was decorated with posters and doormats made on the theme of kindness. The kindness chains prepared by junior school students also set the theme into motion. There were a number of activities as a part of this great kindness challenge. The formation of a Human Heart marked the beginning of this challenge. Our young learners were colorfully dressed in the professional attire of different occupations there by exhibiting the idea that kindness is part of every profession. The next step of our kindness challenge was really a touching one. “Lend – Your – Pencil and Make a Wish for someone in another country..” this activity had been specially designed to motivate our tiny tots to have a compassionate heart towards humanity at large. Kind Notes Writing, Healthy Eating Habits, Campus Cleaning and Global Fancy Dress Competition – these activities added novelty to the campaign. “Bird Nest Making” was another symbolic activity was done by the junior school students with the motto “Give kindness and receive the same”. The making of “Thank You” cards and giving the same to all including Administrative Heads, Teachers, Support Staff and Security Personnel definitely championed the idea that we all are special to our kids just as they are to us.

Thus the five-day challenge came to a sweet closure by “Hugging-A-Friend” and “Getting Themselves Framed with a Smile”. At B.D.M.I. we all have taken up this challenge with a pledge that Kindness Matters…!!

Great Kindness Challenge(1)
Great Kindness Challenge(2)
Great Kindness Challenge(3)
Great Kindness Challenge(5)
Great Kindness Challenge(6)
Great Kindness Challenge(7)
Great Kindness Challenge(8)
Great Kindness Challenge(9)
Great Kindness Challenge(10)
Great Kindness Challenge(11)
Great Kindness Challenge(12)
Great Kindness Challenge(14)
Great Kindness Challenge(15)
Great Kindness Challenge(16)
Great Kindness Challenge(17)
Great Kindness Challenge(18)
Great Kindness Challenge(19)
Great Kindness Challenge(20)
Great Kindness Challenge(21)
Great Kindness Challenge(22)
Great Kindness Challenge(23)
Great Kindness Challenge(24)
Great Kindness Challenge(25)

B.D.M.International’s Scouts and Guides group recently participated in First Annual District Competition of Kolkata South West Bharat Scouts and Guides District Association. The competition was held at B.D.M.I’s premises on 6th October, 2018. B.D.M.International bagged the First Position. The group scored highest in the subjects like Pioneering, History of Scouting/ Guiding, Camp fire programmes etc.

Ms. Vijaya Chaudhuri- Principal, B.D.M.International and Vice-President of Kolkata South District Association Of Scouts and Guides- congratulated the team and handed over the champions trophy and certificates.


Children brought one fruit each. They learnt the names of the fruits, their colours and taste. They also learnt that we need to wash before eating the fruits. Cutting was done by the teachers. Children helped in mixing the fruits with seasonings. They all enjoyed it with their Tiffin.


The art form of origami engages students and sneakily enhances their skills including improved spatial perception and logical and sequential thinking. Origami also allows a student to create and manipulate basic geometric shape.

Best out of waste
Best out of waste

BD Memorial, Mahamayatala branch came up exhibiting ‘BEST OF WASTE’

The students came up with amazingly brilliant ideas that can no longer underestimate the creativity and ingenuity of our students.the best thing about these is that we don’t need to rush to the market to buy expensive stuff. The main emphasis was on the go green campaign and recycling as it is high time that we stop this mean destruction before we forget the colour green. The display produced an impact among the parents seeing their ward’s contribution to be kind to the planet.

Mask Making

A mask making session was conducted at BD Memorial, Mahamayatala branch which invited the students to explore various aspects of her or his persona. The activity was revealing because it takes the students out of the realm of words and employs imagination to find new ways to communicate thoughts and feelings through creation.

Art Class

There is a well-equipped Art and Craft Studio to provide for a well-rounded development to our students, with different set of activities for different classes / age groups. To develop an appreciation of beauty, imaginative faculties through paintings and other art forms through which students are taught to express themselves.

BDMI Craft
BDMI Craft

There is a well-equipped Art and Craft Studio to provide for a well-rounded development to our students, with different set of activities for different classes / age groups, with the objective of encouraging, bring out and enhancing latent skill. Students find this class very engrossing!

BDMI Music Room

A well-equipped music room attracts students, and they get a hands-on experience on varied musical instruments. Spacious, it is well suited for Indian traditional and contemporary dance, instruments including choral and instrumental; string/percussion/wind/effect instruments, providing the best from oriental and occidental cultures.

  • Indian Instruments
  • Western Instruments
  • Western Dance
  • Indian Dance
  • Western Singing
  • Indian Singing

The school has a Debating Society in which students are motivated to participate through award of certificates and prizes to the winners Students.

Workshops that further knowledge and help students self-motivation are regularly organized.


Coronavirus (COVID-19) : B.D.M. INTERNATIONAL Announcement

As per the Circular dated 14/03/2020 from the desk of the Honourable Chief Minister of West Bengal, as a matter of abundant precaution and to keep a check on the spread of Corona Virus (COVID -19), the New session of classes - X and XII will not begin from 18/03/2020. The revised date will be notified soon.